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Carbon Footprint
the key to decarbonization

Carbon Footprint of Products

Carbon Footprint (CFP)
Carbon Footprint of Prodcuts (CFP)

What is CFP?

Carbon Footprint of Product (CFP) is an environmental indicator that converts the amount of greenhouse gases emitted throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, from raw material procurement to production, transportation, use/maintenance, and disposal/recycling, into CO2, and displays the environmental impact (CO2 emissions) of the product in an easy-to-understand manner.


International initiatives are starting to move

Calculating CFP in the public and private sectors, such as Buy Clean, CBAM, FMC, are progressing globally. In order to maintain and strengthen the international competitiveness of the company and the industry, it is an urgent issue to measure CFP.


Diversifying direction of CFP initiatives

As an interest in measures against climate change increases, governments, financial markets, and consumers are starting to use CFP. The scenes where CFP is used are diversifying, and the importance of efforts is increasing. 


Incentives are provided

Cost and effort is required in order to tackle CFP, therefore, it is expected that CFP efforts will be expanded by enhancing the development of public procurement systems and providing incentives in the future.

Role of CFP

01. Accurate measurement of the total emissions of the supply chain
02. Identifying hotspots for emission reduction
03. Formulating effective decarbonization measures
Carbon Footprint of Products(CFP)
Emission reduction
04. Promoting the spread of environmentally friendly products and services
05. Promoting emission reduction and consciousness reform in the market
Environmentally friendly products
Environmentally friendly products


CFP Proxy Survey

For first-time customers, we conduct the the calculation of the carbon footprint of products and services at a low price.

Support for communication

About 60% of consumers find decarbonized products "difficult to understand"; By disseminating information in an easy-to-understand manner through CO2 labels and a specific website, it can improve sales and differentiate the products/services.

Building a unique system

We provide customized calculation software that makes it easy to collect information and to calculate, according to the client's products and services, which greatly reduces the effort of calculation and improves user satisfaction.


Case Studies

Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc.
Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc.,
Yamaguchi New Shelter Industry Inc. is a company that tackles social and corporate issues with membrane structures and proposes solutions.

TechThinker Inc. 

We provide digital solutions for measuring CO2 emissions and implementing carbon offsetting. Recently, companies have faced challenges such as "high consulting costs", "insufficient specialized knowledge", and "complicated procedures" when measuring CO2 emissions and implementing carbon offsets. We aim to solve these issues through our digital solutions, which include cloud-based emission measuring tools, OEM softwares, NFTs, marketplaces, and platforms. In the trend towards decarbonization, we support companies in creating new businesses, increasing sales, rebranding, promoting GX, improving the efficiency of decarbonization, and enhancing business value.

TechThinker Inc.
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